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To my unborn child;

“These days I am a mere assembly of flesh and bone, with very little flesh to make up for anything. I stay away from mirrors as they accentuate my sorry state of being. White eyed, hair ruffled and skin cracked.”


1 October 2020 2.05amIt’s 2.05am and I can’t sleep. It has been a whole week and no matter how hard I try to get myself worked up all afternoon, I just can’t. Only if I could stay wide awake and my thoughts be peaceful, but my heart can’t help but bleed as I look at […]


 Mother and father rarely talked anymore. When we ate dinner father no longer participated in saying grace, if he was present. Most times he would come home way after dinner was served and he would heat his food himself, before mother would stay up and wait until he got home then she would reheat his […]


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