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Child of The World

The funeral

You sat there wondering what your funeral would look like. Obviously, nothing like Davidzo’s as he had chosen the most untoward part. Internally many parts of you were fuming, at yourself and at Davidzo. You hated yourself for not fully grasping why he had chosen to end himself, especially the way he did. The humming […]


Introduction to Adulting (a mini rant)

Hello dear reader, welcome to my blog. If you are a regular, thanks for passing by again, and if you are new I hope you like it here. . Well, this is a random article that came to me after a night out with friends (not the Global Citizen Festival where I got to see […]

All I Know

all I know is that stories like ours end in heartbreakthey never make it to the greatest loves of all timeno matter how passionate or intentional we arethe love simply isn’t enough. you know when they ask me to write love storiesthey always end in tearsthat’s all I knowthat’s the ultimate outcome. so pardon me,for […]

Broken record

Something is broken inside. You’re not the same person anymore. You’re not the sane person anymore. You’ve been sinking in quick sand on a daily. Hear the rhythm of the sand as it sucks you in. Some days you want to plan an escape, the daily convulsions have let go of you. Some days, you […]

Love is not dead

Time and again, there are inaccurate claims that love is dead in this generation. But is it really? If anything, I think our generation stands to redefine love and relationships as we know them. Here’s why…… There are quite a number of basis on which people make this untrue conclusion. First being the fact that […]

you should love me

you know people like mewhen we love, we love hardand that’s more of a character flawto believe in the sacred nature of lovereckless lovers. time and againthe reward isn’t worth the riski fall in love in the most cruel wayi do not wish to get hurti’ve done this thing beforei know all too well how […]

Stay away

He came with a clear label, “do not touch”way before the blood red label caught my attentioneveryone had told me to stay awaymessy is attractivemessy is familiari was your little pigeonyou threw bread crumbs I come runningthey said stay awayi hastened my paceloved the sound of my footsteps and heartbeat towards youi wasn’t going to […]

Youth and church: A shaky table

Hi guys welcome to my blog. If this is your first time here, please scroll down and catch up on my previous issues. This piece is my first collaboration and I look forward to a lot more. It was born off a tweet that Denzel tweeted and we (Denzel, Izrus, Takudzwanashewashe and I) decided to […]

Found you

my all time favorite crazy human nature conceptis how how we are somehow meant to meet strangersand make a home out of a sea of unfamiliar strangers, i found younow i rest, heart at ease i’ll keep you closehold you tight just enough for you to breathesomeone told me i won’t get this twiceso […]


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