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Introduction to Adulting (a mini rant)

Hello dear reader, welcome to my blog. If you are a regular, thanks for passing by again, and if you are new I hope you like it here. . Well, this is a random article that came to me after a night out with friends (not the Global Citizen Festival where I got to see Temilade and SZA in 3D) . Fun Fact: I’m not really an introduction on blogs person, it makes me feel like a Youtuber so I normally use them as a way to actually start writing an article after a period of writer’s block. They say writing, in any manner and any content helps with writer’s block and I’ve realized this helps too.

I am at a very weird age, and so are most of the people around me. Its like we are in an Introduction to Adulting 101 course. The way life comes at you so fast never ceases to amaze me. One second ago, I was in kindergaten, building blocks, colouring and napping every afternoon and my life right now is solving equations, writing essays and barely catching an ounce of sleep. The transition is so unreal. Growing up has always been something I have looked forward to. I feel like life is structured such that you are always looking foward to the next day next stage so much mostly because there is some sort of promise of happiness, success; I do not know. It has always been looking foward to high school to looking forward to college to looking forward to working and for some looking forward to marriage. We are here ticking boxes for milestones and going through massive character development as we wait to die. You would even think that at some point a little past or at the end of the teens, theres a switch for the insanity to kick it. But really, thats neither here of there, my point is; I find this pre adulting or trial run of adulting quite intriguing for a good number of reasons.

Pink button with white lettering that says “Adulting is Hard” on white fur background

First things first, these are the years we question most of what we have known, well thats for most. Slowly you discover that you do not really need to have concrete views, or have everything figured out. The dust settles as life goes on, new life experiences open our minds. No lie, it is such a scary experience, questioning in detail all the things that you have been taught life wise because for the most part you can’t argue with Physics formulae much and win. To some extent, the culture we exist in isn’t very accomodating where it concerns questioning beliefs and systems. This business of trying to find your bearing with religion, gender, sexuality, careers etc is way easier if you are taking the conventional path that is mostly sticking to traditional views and methods. Its like trying to make your way out of a very comfortable cacoon and attempting to face life and the world head on. A whole overhaul in perception and is rarely welcome, sometimes by ourselves but mostly by those around us. This is such a significant drawback to growth, and having alternative views and striving to align with them is top two of adulting challenges.

The character development that comes with introduction to adulting is surreal. More and more of our life is shoved right into our hands albeit without our consent. Its like being alive is enough consent. The age comes with more responsibility, for one’s wellbeing, actions and future. You find yourself dealing with the uncertainties of the world, and this time around you’re the one to come up with solutions to the problems. The COVID Era has been one of the heaviest introductions to adulting because the world as we knew and forecasted it has shifted so much these past years. Perhaps more than we would like to admit, even more than we perceive at the moment. That is just one of the jarring introduction to adulting challenges. There is financial responsibility in this messed up capitalist world. On the other end academic pressure does not stop firing. Its also the age of dabbling in dating and relationships; a heartbreak or two here and there. There is resounding failure and so much heartbreak possibly waiting, and somehow we’re supposed to figure things out and like show up as fully functioning adults. I wouldn’t exactly sign me out but I just-

I’m done adulting! Let’s be Unicorn! – shocking pink unicorn saying lettering poster. Funny typography with unicorn quote – card design. Horse with horn character for girls and women. Rainbow colors.

The world is a terribly crazy place to be a part off. Its difficult to wrap my head around how life demands so much from us, circumstances and stuff. The craziest of all crazies being leaving familiar territory. That is literally a core requisite of adulting in most cases, from leaving home towns to different cities to ‘settling’ in wholly different countries and continents. Its a sign of growing up you know, the whole a bird leaving its nest type of thing. Leaving home is exciting, however staying away from home for long periods of time isn’t as dazzling. Sometimes, its circumstances beyond one’s control, moving to whole different countries, navigating time zones, lifestyle and acclimatizing to the change. Thank God for technology because I can only imagine what it was like back in the day when you had to communicate with loved ones through letters, going weeks and months on end not knowing how they are doing. But again, thats neither here nor there. I’m just saying the changes that come with adulting can really be a lot.

This is all just a tip of the iceberg in my introduction to adulting, mostly stuff that I muse over randomly. Its not really as gloomy as it sounds, but when the going gets hard these are the things that remind me how unreal this whole pre-adulting phase is. On random days I remind myself that non of this really matters, and that I don’t really have to have everything figured out, thats literally what the years are for. Anyways, this is me signing of my mini-rant with a quote I saw from Mel; “There are years that ask questions, and the years that answer.” CIAO…………..


7 responses to “Introduction to Adulting (a mini rant)”

  1. This is a good representation of what most young adults are going through. It is like there is so much stuff that we’re just supposed to “figure out” because, c’mon, at the end of the day, there is no right way of adulting….and that sort of gets confusing at times. Nice one!

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  2. This post is so profound Pfungwa. One minute we’re shouting I’m now an adult I can make my own decisions, the next we’re having a mental breakdown because nothing is figured in our lives. Great you’re penning all that down

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